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BEARD GROOM - Natural Organic Beard Groom Balm, Beard Oil & Beard Shampoo. Formulated for facial hair and skin!


MEN'S STUFF - BEARD GROOM - Beard Oil This product was formulated for facial hair & skin! All natural and chemical free, Beard Groom Beard Oil, Beard Balm and Beard Shampoo contain botanical oils, liquid organic castile cleanser, alkaline water, and skin loving bases like Jojoba, Avocado, Grape Seed Oils and Oliwax (wax from olives).

Concentrated to require only 1-2 sprays, Beard Groom products use botanical oils like Argan Oil to smooth wiry hair, antibacterial & antifungal Rosemary, Cedarwood, Cyrpress & Blue Tansy Essential oils to stimulate hair growth and help prevent breakouts, plus Super fruits & botanical oil from Buriti, Moringa, German Chamomile, Raspberry Seed Oils & Bamboo Extract to help repair damaged from acne, scars and marks. Mangosteen is another Super fruit added to the shampoo for additional antioxidants that benefits skin, is edible and tastes good (when cleansing around the mouth)!

Our fillers are Oliwax and Candelila wax, both rich in nutrients, easily absorbed into skin, acts as a barrier to help prevent moisture loss, scaly skin, aids inflammation including acne, and skin disorders. The Rosemary Cedar scent is fresh, stimulating and clean.

Size: Beard Oil 3oz bottle, Bear Shampoo 3oz bottle, Beard Balm 1oz Jar

Duration: One month


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