NDulge has been sold in many venues including health stores, spa skincare studio, retail stores, food coops, farmer's markets, natural food stores, and military concessionaire stands. NDulge products were SO beneficial to our military service families, they followed me to Tacoma when I opened my first retail store! 

NALI Natural's retail store sold about 20 imported high quality soaps. It took almost a year to decide to create my own brand. I used my 45 years experience in natural healing and created NDulge Body Spa products.  I wanted a product that would do everything my skin needed in one step! So I started out with about 15 different scented soaps that were a big hit!  Scents and essential oils are a BIG part of my life! They wake up, make me alert, calm my nerves and makes me exhale! I LOVE creating new scents!

As our resource list of quality, reliable, high standard manufacturers of natural ingredients grew, so did our product line.

NDulge Body Spa Productss

Packaged Soaps & Lotions

Our initial soap packaging had a label, but you could not see their beauty! NDulge was not formulated like other sliced bars, and therefore since beautifly molded, we changed packaging.

P.E.A.K Collectibles Antique Store

NALI Natural Body Care Product shelf

This was how I sold NDulge Body Spa products on weekends from my antique store! Pictured you have about 11 Soaps (Mineral Black, Lemongrass Ylang, Frankincense & Myrrh, Cleopatra Lavender Nile, Green Tease, Sandalwood Musk) just to name a few!

Workshop in production

NALI Workshop

NALI Natural manufactured NDulge Body Spa Products in its own 1200 ft facility. Quality also depends on temperature control, proper storage, sanitation and safety measures all implemented in the facility.



IN 2018, NDulge expanded AGAIN with an ABUNDANCE of products! Men’s Stuff offers grooming products for men! NDulge@Home was brought back from last holiday year with holiday scented Aromatherapy Sachet Bags for the home, office, car or ANYWHERE you need to change the mood! And the most exciting addition as we go into the winter season is the Bamboo Activated Charcoal Detox Collection, the ULTIMATE in detox products!

The holiday vending set-up is always difficult because NALI Natural offers so much to choose from. If you don’t see it, go directly to our online stores for availability.