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HERBAL COLLECTION - Baobab & Shea Butter Soap - For Very Dry, Damaged Skin! 4oz


Fragrance: Mild, Natural Herbal

Bar size: 4 ounces (shrink wrapped & labeled)

Color: Tan

Durability: 1 - 3 months Note: allow to dry between use.

NDulge uses 100% Raw Shea Butter Glycerin added to pure Benin West African BAOBAB Oil to nourish and heal dry, damaged skin. Baobab is a superfruit high in vitamins and minerals. NDulge Baobab & Shea Butter Soap is formulated with additional botanical serums to penetrate dry skin, leaving skin exfoliated (with Dead Sea Salts and glycolic sugars) and moisturized. Perfect for itchy or irritated skin. Can be used on feet or all over the body.

This handcrafted soap is perfect for DRY, DAMAGED, IRRITATED skin types and can be used on the face and body. The creamy lather gently cleans and leaves skin moisturized and refreshed.

"BAOBAB OIL SKIN CARE BENEFITS. Baobab oil is made from the fruit seeds which are extracted and air dried in the hot sun. ... > Rich in powerful antioxidants which protect skin against free radical damage. > High Vitamin C content (6 times more than an orange) assists with skin elasticity."
Reference Resource: Baobab Oil – African Botanics,

"Recent studies in Europe have revealed a multitude of skin benefits of Baobab. Leaf and bark extracts tighten and tone skin, while oil from the seeds moisturizes and encourages skin cell regeneration with vitamins A, D and E.2 Studies were carried out in the laboratory showed that doses between 400 and 800 mg/kg" Reference source:

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