NALI Natural Body Care Products



NDulge formulates two types of exfoliants – Scrubs & Clay Masks!

Himalayan Salt Body Scrub is created for a full body scrub. Perfect for spot exfoliating feet and elbows! Himalayan Salt Scrub contains dissolved salt crystals plus Dead Sea Mineral Salts Blend with a bit of raw organic sugar cane to lift and remove dead dry skin. Additional botanical serums, vitamin oils, and vegan glycerin makes this an ideal scrub. This smooth formula rinses clean and does not cause micro-tears in the skin.

Raw Sugar Facial Scrub is created for the face and neck. Applied like a mask, this formula gently dissolves dead, dry skin! Perfect to use once a week to deep clean pores from make-up and daily environmental pollution. Raw Sugar scrub contains several types of raw sugars, vegan glycerin, botanical oils and serums to create a gentle glycolic exfoliant affect that rinses clean. No additional moisturizers required.

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