NALI Natural Body Care Products

SHAVE CREME - Organic Shave Creme formulated for face and facial hair. A rich creamy lather that lifts hair for a smooth shave, exfoliates skin, moisturizes and rinses clean!

NDulge Shave Creme is formulated for facial hair and skin! All natural vegan glycerin with botanical oils, healing aloe vera gel and chemical free!. Shave Creme contain botanical oils, and skin loving ingredients like Jojoba, Avocado, Grape Seed Oils.

The benefit of our Shave Creme is that it cleans and exfoliates skin around pores followed by moisturizing nutritious oils to calm and soothe skin. AND, it's a one step process of wet, lather and shave! Like all NDulge products, our Shave Creme is concentrated and requires a very little (dime size)!

Size: 1 ounce

Uses: 10+

Application: Apply a dime size to wet face and neck. Rub into a lather and shave. Rinse clean.

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