March 2018 I thought I'd give a little insight on what it takes to bring you NDulge Body Spa products! It starts with research on skin and health benefits of organic botanicals. That inquiry involves where the botanical or ingredient like resin was grown, how extracted processed, and whether the natural extract has been diluted. That's followed by the length of time it's been utilized and the outcome of those results. Then the search for a reputable international or national source for purchase. Shipping can take several weeks for delivery. This is where NALI Natural places its investment. Some of the oils used like Bulgarian Rose, German Chamomile, Blue Tansy, Ethiopian, Tunisian Resins & Arabian Attars are very expensive in the whole, undiluted extracts that WE use in our formulas. Our Eco-Friendly packaging helps keep our prices affordable for every budget! Then there's the PROCESS! NALI Natural has a three-step process for creating all of its original product scents. It starts with mixing oils, resins, attars & botanicals to extract NDulge's unique, aromatherapeutically balanced scents! Each product has a 2-4 note combination! Multiple that across EACH product! The second step combines botanical oils, serums and SUPER fruit & nut butters in accordance to each product formula. The third step combines these ingredients into a product that is then prepared for package and labeling. Soaps are molded and set aside to "rest". After a nice rest to continue curing, they are hand trimmed, packaged and labeled. Formulas are made based on what each product is created to do! Calculations on each product developed for a synergistic blend of oils, resins, vitamins, mineral salts, botanicals, fruit & nut butters, serums, clays and preservatives create that product. But we STILL need to determine if it works, so we give away samples to clients and ask for feedback. Every product is personally tested by the owner! Our production schedule is from January to March 30 and September to October 30th. That production makes enough of each new and old NDulge product to covers our online stores, retail stores, vending events and special request orders. Packaging is a creative process that involves insight into social marketing. How to make you WANT and VALUE NDulge Body Spa products! Learning that is an ongoing process to determine how best to reach new customers and meet their needs. It drives new product development as well. It's time consuming yet NALI Natural strives to build a recognizable brand while keeping the commitment of quality minimal packaging. ALL of the labeling is created graphically than transferred to packaging on an assembly line process. Package, label, and seal (for safety)! Marketing products online requires development of descriptions, photographs, and analysis of sales information from our online stores. The online stores and social media are then updated. Online metrics are reviewed for TAGS, and locations accessing this particular product. That's challenging as any small business owner knows! Selling is easy because of the quality in the ingredients, feedback on results, and length of each product's duration! That's why NALI Natural offers a satisfaction guarantee! We love vending which provides the opportunity to meet people from around the world. Those personal connections are opportunities to talk and make choices tailored to your specific​ need!