Bathing is ESSENTIAL to good health! Some argue that exposure to germs strengthens the immune system. Did that work in the Middle Ages when a lack of sanitation spread germs and killed communities of people? Why is bathing necessary for a healthy body? Skin is the body’s largest organ. Our bodies excretes toxins (detox) from its pores (sweat) as a way to rid the body of bacteria and germs. We ALL accumulate toxins from medication, food we eat, and the environment.  Body odor (even if you don’t smell yourself, others do) is a release of toxins from the pores. Bathing daily removes toxins from the skin and prevents them from being reabsorbed back into the pores. It also stimulates the removal of dry dead skin which allows pores to breathe and new skin cells to regenerate. Imagine layers of bacteria and dry skin overlapping and sealed into pores? Now you have problem, irritated skin!


In addition to eliminating bodily waste through the bowels and urinary tract, the body releases bacteria and toxins through skin pores. That funky sweat smell is bacteria!! Bathing before bedtime starts the detox process by cleansing toxins from the body. While you sleep, your body repairs itself and releases toxins from the pores onto the skin’s surface. A morning shower rinses away the bacteria!


I’m always amazed at the number of people who dislike bathing in a tub! Some feel that it’s sitting in dirty water or that it will create yeast or urinary tract infections. So here’s my explanation. Submerging the body in a warm bathtub for a minimum of 20 minutes allows the body to relax and skin pores to open for a thorough cleanse. Adding minerals like Dead Sea or Epsom salts help penetrate dead, dry skin and releases toxins. It takes TIME sitting in warm water for pores to open! Opening pores in the shower would take a lot longer. That’s the benefit of bathing!